Elise LeGrow

Grateful – new album out 11/5 from Awesome Music / BMG

Elise Legrow


  • Artist: Elise Legrow
  • Album: Grateful
  • Label: Awesome/BMG
  • Release Date: 11/5/2021
  • Formats: AAA, Noncomm, Americana, Urban Alternative
  • More details are online here.


  • “Dreamy and velvety.”Billboard
  • “A soulful force to be reckoned with.” – Okayplayer
  • “Groovin’, infectious, electrifying” HuffPost

Elise LeGrow was set to launch a Spring 2020 tour when the world suddenly shuttered. Rather than retreat into herself, the soulful Toronto singer-songwriter wasted no time, emerging with Grateful, a lockdown-produced, neo-retro album led by propulsive first single, “Forever.”

The modern-meets-old school sound on “Forever” neatly captures what makes LeGrow so special – her ability to mine the past without being beholden to nostalgia. Swinging between soothing sweetness, bluesy grit, and powerhouse passion, LeGrow’s evocative vocals seem to exist along so many timelines as to make her songs timeless.

LeGrow has always been a little out of time. “Some of us are just old souls,” she says. “I am, in actuality, a modern woman living in 2021 so I can’t help that everything I write has a modern touch.”  Grateful is a collection of her own handcrafted songs featuring an unmistakable vintage twist, albeit with fresh pop sensibilities. 

Recording during lockdown meant that instead of hunkering down with her band and producers, she laid down her vocals alone – in a studio when legally allowed, from home when not – while Grammy winners Theron “Neff-U” Feemster and Brian West helmed the productions from LA and Vancouver via Zoom.

LeGrow’s 2018 debut album Playing Chess was described as “groovin, infectious, and electrifying” (HuffPost), amassing fans such as Action Bronson and Jools Holland, as well as garnering recognition from Billboard, Okayplayer, Salon, Relix, and MOJO. 

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