Rachael Sage

Thanksgiving video

  • Artist: Poetica
  • Track: Thanksgiving
  • Release: Poetica
  • Label: M Press
  • Release Date: Oct 22, 2021
  • Formats: Americana, AAA, Noncomm, Folk, Jazz
  • More details online here.

With its proud horn lines and retro string hooks, the debut track “Thanksgiving” from the self-titled album POETICA is a psychedelic spoken-word ode to individuality in all its complex glory. Directed and animated by NLX, the video evokes the beatnik era with clever typewriter-inspired imagery, a decidedly committed (red/black/white) color-scheme, and a visual flow that perfectly reflects the stream-of-consciousness vocals. Percolating percussion and sparse bass lines support playful wah guitar riffs in this sensual, empowered music-poetry feast for the eyes, ears and mind.

Video Directed & Animated by NLX

“Thanksgiving” Song Credits:

  • Rachael Sage: vocals, percussion
  • Dave Eggar: cello
  • Kelly Halloran: violin
  • Mike Visceglia: electric bass
  • Walter Parks: wah electric guitar
  • Russ Johnson: trumpet
  • Doug Yowell: drums

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