The Sparks Brothers

The Sparks Brothers Radio Special Details

Brothers Ron and Russell Mael and director Edgar Wright from their film THE SPARKS BROTHERS, a Focus Features release.
Credit: Jake Polonsky / Focus Features

The Sparks Brothers Radio Special

Give your listeners more about the legendary band Sparks, whose 50 year career is featured The Sparks Brothers – A new documentary feature from Edgar Wright follows the five-decade career of Sparks – your favorite band’s favorite band. 

This free one-hour program is a great way to give you listeners more about Sparks, whether they already saw the film in theaters or look forward to streaming it at home. It’s the perfect special to air if you play Sparks classics all the time. Even if you don’t, this is a fascinating story about a band that stands the test of time, recommended for anyone who likes music.


  • Broadcast Window: July/August 2021
  • Excellent substitute program for any eclectic music program


  • Producer: Joyride Media
  • Host: Adam Buxton
  • Music: "This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us," "The Number 1 Song in Heaven" and more Sparks classics featured in the film, "The Sparks Brothers,"
  • Interviews: Exclusive insights from Ron and Russell Mael of Sparks and film director Edgar Wright, plus film excerpts with comments from Beck, Flea, Jack Antonoff, Gary Stewart and others.
  • Formats: Broadcast content options
    • 54:00 with 3 breaks
    • 59:00 with 2 breaks
    • 52:00 with 3 breaks
    • Unhosted versions available by request
    • Four 6-8 minute podcast episodes
    • Edgar Wright intro drops to more than 20 Sparks classics.
  • DeliveryDropboxPRX, Airplay Direct
  • Terms: No built-in spots, no barter deals and up to 8 minutes for your own spots.
  • Podcast / Short Features: Also available soon to drop in your broadcasts or post online.