What We Do

Full service promotion, marketing, artist development and content production company for new and archival releases from major, independent, and artist-owned labels. Our team has decades of experience with the most influential artists and albums across many genres and eras.

Customized Promotion

Unique plans for each project to provide the greatest possible benefit to all parties involved – the artists, labels, and managers who hire us, and the radio contacts who appreciate how we present the content.

When a chart campaign is not appropriate, we allow it to succeed on its own terms, with support from a carefully selected panel of programmers and specialty hosts from various genres. We can also help the artists tell their own stories about their work when we produce and distribute radio specials, podcasts, and other media.

Diverse Format and Specialty Contacts

Our decades of experience with many different artists and genres let us deliver the most complete, multi-format plan that a release deserves. Our contacts at local, syndicated, satellite, digital and streaming broadcasters include programmers and specialty hosts at these and other radio formats:


Tracking:  Weekly reports generated by our proprietary, real-time airplay monitoring system that we created to give our clients the most accurate airplay data available in the industry. Our system includes data from thousands of stations (all formats and markets), digital programmers (SiriusXM, Dash, TuneIn, iHeart, etc) and retail providers (Mood, Io, Custom Channels), including many not tracked by other services. 
Radio Special & Podcast Production:  Collaborate with production partners at Joyride Media to create and distribute Content Everywhere – award-winning audio documentaries for radio (heard on 500+ stations worldwide), podcasts on all platforms, Spotify-exclusive Music + Talk features, track-by-track commentary for DSP albums and playlists, and more.  Full radio programs online at the Joyride Media/PRX archive.
Interviews & Studio Sessions:  Schedule interviews and live studio sessions on the most influential stations and syndicated programs. Advance all technical details for each promotional appearance. Click here for examples of recent visits to WFUV, KCSN, World Cafe, Echoes, WFPK, and more great stations and shows.
Distribution Logistics: Timely and thorough digital and physical delivery of focus tracks and full releases to maximize exposure for each release. Coordinate digital delivery via the download providers (PlayMPE, AllAccess, CDX), extend reach with our own email marketing efforts, and provide clients with efficient, cost-saving methods to deliver CD and vinyl media as it is still needed.
Custom Radio Promo Websites:  Each project we represent is featured on truetonegroup.com as its own simple, yet content-rich website, with all the materials our radio contacts need to stay updated on each release. 
PBS Marketing:  When artists are featured on PBS music programs, we provide the most timely and comprehensive reports of local station broadcasts available for our clients, as well as local radio partners eager to promote the shows.


Major and indie record labels and film studios include…


Lyle Lovett
Bob Dylan
Elvis Presley
Willie Nelson
The Byrds
Leslie Odom, Jr.
The O’Jays
Dave Matthews Band
Jeff Buckley
Nina Simone

Boomtown Rats
Bryan Ferry
Judas Priest
Pearl Jam
Jimi Hendrix
Johnny Cash
Pink Floyd
Chaka Khan
Gamble & Huff
Sly and Family Stone

Leonard Cohen
Joe Satriani
Ani DiFranco
The Beatles
Loretta Lynn
Harry Connick, Jr.
Chrissie Hynde
Kelly Clarkson
Jack Johnson
Tank & the Bangas

Elton John
Sam Cooke
Monty Python
Roy Orbison
Nick Cave
Joss Stone
Cheap Trick
The Mavericks

The Clash
Billy Joel
Dolly Parton
Miles Davis
Iron Maiden
John Coltrane
Rage Against the Machine

Van Morrison
Paul Kelly
Boy George
Yusuf/Cat Stevens
Ronnie Wood
Janis Ian
Amy Speace
The Jayhawks
Joshua Henry