Searching for Sugar Man Radio Special

Radio Special Details

  • Artist: Rodriguez
  • Title: Searching for Sugar Man Radio Special
  • Producer: Joyride Media
  • Host: David Dye (World Cafe)
  • Premiere Date:
  • Broadcast Window: Fall 2012
  • Interviews:
  • Music: Songs from Rodriguez's album, Searching for Sugar Man, released
  • Media: One hour radio special and podcasts
  • Signup:
  • Distribution:
  • Broadcast Terms: Free program available to air as-is in any terrestrial or digital linear broadcast. No spots, no barter, no costs, no problem.
  • Podcast: Content will be edited as a four part podcast series on all podcast platforms, to share on any websites, blogs or social media. Music excerpts approved by the copyright holders will be included in place of the full album tracks heard in the radio special.
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