Lyle Lovett – 12th of June Radio Tracks

Click play to check out new Lyle Lovett radio tracks from 12th of June (Verve), released May 13, 2022. List icon on right opens the song list, down arrows download the tracks.

The title song, "12th of June," is available for radio now in three versions ... the album track plus alternate bluegrass and live band takes.

Formats: AAA, Americana, Country, Folk, Jazz

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    Curtis Stigers “Keep Me From the Cold” Video

    "Keep Me From the Cold" by Curtis Stigers from This Life (Pandemic Poodle - February 25, 2022). Great track for AAA, Noncomm, Jazz, AC, Standards radio. "Music video shot in Berlin by Ben Wolf (in the short time that other people use for having a cup of coffee)." - Curtis Stigers
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    Curtis Stigers “This Life” Album Info

    Curtis Stigers
    This Life
    Pandemic Poodle
    February 25, 2022

    It’s full circle for Curtis Stigers, award-winning singer, songwriter and saxophonist with a string of hit singles, millions of albums sold, and a 30-year recording career to his résumé! On his new album he is looking back on his international hits such as “I Wonder Why” and “Never Saw A Miracle”, as well as other songs close to his heart. Stigers revisits these classics in his beloved laid back jazzy, bluesy style. The wintry “Keep Me From the Cold” track is available for radio now, more coming early 2022.

    Track List:

    1. (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, And Understanding (Nick Lowe) 4:44
    2. You’re All That Matters To Me (Curtis Stigers/Gregg Sutton/Shelly Peiken) 5:58
    3. I Don’t Wanna Talk About It Now (Emmylou Harris/Jill Cunniff/Daryl Johnson) 5:57
    4. I Wonder Why (Curtis Stigers/Glen Ballard) 4:59
    5. This Life (Curtis Stigers/Bob Thiele Jr./Dave Kushner/Kurt Sutter) 3:35
    6. Keep Me From The Cold (Curtis Stigers/Glen Ballard) 4:43
    7. Summertime (George Gershwin/Ira Gershwin/DuBose Heyward/Dorothy Heyward) 4:24
    8. Don’t Go Far (Curtis Stigers/Beth Nielsen Chapman) 4:26
    9. Tonight Will Be Fine (Leonard Cohen) 7:11
    10. Swingin’ Down At 10th & Main (Curtis Stigers) 7:41
    11. Never Saw A Miracle (Curtis Stigers/Barry Mann) 4:23
    12. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (Bob Dylan) 8:46


    • Curtis Stigers – voice, tenor & soprano saxophone
    • John “Scrapper” Sneider – trumpet
    • Matthew Fries – piano, Wurlitzer electric piano
    • Larry Goldings – organ, keyboards
    • Cliff Schmitt – bass
    • Keith Hall, Paul Wells – drums
    • Produced by Curtis Stigers

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    Willie Nelson “That’s Life” Radio Special

    Radio Special Details

    • Artist: Willie Nelson
    • Title: That's Life Radio Special
    • Producer: Joyride Media
    • Host: Jessie Scott (WMOT)
    • Premiere Date:
    • Broadcast Window: Feb 2021
    • Interviews: Willie Nelson, Diana Krall, Mickey Raphael and more.
    • Music: Songs from Willie Nelson's album, That's Life, released
    • Media: One hour radio special (54:00 and 59:00 versions) and podcasts
    • Signup:
    • Distribution:
    • Broadcast Terms: Free program available to air as-is in any terrestrial or digital linear broadcast. No spots, no barter, no costs, no problem.
    • Podcast: Content will be edited as a four part podcast series on all podcast platforms, to share on any websites, blogs or social media. Music excerpts approved by the copyright holders will be included in place of the full album tracks heard in the radio special.
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