Daryl Hall – Live from Daryl’s House Playlist

Click play to check out new Daryl Hall radio tracks from BeforeAfter (Legacy Recordings), released April 1, 2022. List icon on right opens the song list, down arrows download the tracks.

Formats: AAA, Classic Hits, Noncomm, AC

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    Daryl Hall’s upcoming solo compilation BeforeAfter includes these 8 previously unreleased tracks from his highly acclaimed Live from Daryl’s House video series. All are available for radio airplay now!

    • Can We Still Be Friends (ft. Todd Rundgren)
    • Here Comes the Rain Again (ft. Dave Stewart)
    • North Star (ft. Monte Montgomery)
    • In My Own Dreams
    • Laughing Down Crying
    • Problem with You
    • Our Day Will Come
    • Neither One of Us (Wants to be the First to Say Goodbye)